Code of Conduct

We want all young people attending our activities to have a great time and feel safe. This means that we must ALL respect and support each other and help EVERYONE to feel a part of the group.

To make sure this happens, we have a few rules:

Bullying includes name-calling, ganging-up, picking-on someone, keeping them out of the group, as well as physically hurting someone. You should not touch/kiss or get too close to someone in a way that makes them feel upset.

This means we do not treat someone unfairly because of who they are – how they look, their disability, race, sexuality, clothes etc

We expect everyone to try their best to take part in activities and give new things a go.

When people find things difficult, we should encourage them. We should never laugh at someone who finds things hard.

We expect everyone to act sensibly and not to do anything that would cause danger to others.