Welcome to Pro Corda, a music school like no other!

Our mission is that the universal properties of chamber music and small-ensemble training reach young people across all of society, and that these magical properties are used to develop people alongside musicians.

During lockdown we were in action each and every day with Pro Corda@Home and Create Together, Wherever! reaching our young chamber musicians together with our young artists with additional needs. It is our overarching principle that we serve both in equal measure.

On 4th July we were the first course provider in the country to be back – at our stunning site of Leiston Abbey in Suffolk. We’ve just announced a full and exciting course programme for 2021 with all necessary safety measures in place. We continue to serve all who need us to be online with equal energy and commitment.

At this time when society is being forced apart by separation, the powers and emotional coming-together of chamber music is needed as never before. From our hundreds of Pro Corda students to the many who come to Leiston Abbey to enjoy our well known dinner concerts (also back in full with all safety measures in place) Pro Corda is truly an artistic and creative family growing as never before during these times. I so look forward to welcoming you.

“Inhale the future, exhale the past”
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Our amazing Create Together participants sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow

“Pro Corda’s programme is ground-breaking and nationally leading
and it is an honour to be associated with such an exciting and vibrant arts education charity.”

Julian Lloyd Webber, Patron

We run music festivals, music courses, theatre workshops, concerts and so much more. Don’t miss a thing by keeping a close eye on the Pro Corda Upcoming Events Calendar. You can see all our upcoming events by clicking the button below.

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