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Pro Corda offer term time workshops to SEND schools

We have a number of partner Schools whom we assist and advise with the performing arts curriculum providing weekly or bi-weekly workshops.

Pro Corda also offer one-off or a series of workshops to Schools who are interested in the Create Together music education philosophy. If you would like to learn more about the Create Together ethos you can click the link. It immerses participants in the magical world of Musical Theatre to develop leadership and responsibility through communication and creativity to build confidence and self-esteem.

Create Together - the Vision
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“We couldn’t be prouder at this time especially when she hated drama in school and would refrain from even raising her hand in class. To perform on stage a solo like that makes me very proud.”

What's involved?

Workshops are often based around improvisation and musical theatre, incorporating vocal and instrumental skills. Improvisation is often a liberating experience for students to discover that they can express themselves freely through a non-verbal medium such as the piano or other workshop instruments. Create Together workshops have helped to prepare students for Arts Award, Instrumental Grade exams and Entry Level GCSE qualifications.

Workshops can be tailored to fit with the School curriculum where appropriate.

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For more information, and to discuss a bespoke package and quote, please contact Laura Feeney, our Director of Schools and Outreach Programmes, by filling in a few details on the following form.

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Create Together - The Vision
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