WELCOME to Create Together, Wherever!

Each week we will announce which show we are going to focus on for the following week.

During the week you can practise singing and signing the songs with Laura, and learn the dance moves with Kelly at home. Kelly will also lead us in a yoga warm up. If you are able to, you can watch the movie at home to really get into the spirit of the show.

Then we will all gather online at 4pm on Friday afternoon and join in together! Pop on your Pro Corda t-shirt, gather your family in the Living Room, and join Andrew, Laura and Kelly for a good old sing along and lots of fun!

This week’s show is:

Sound of MusicYoga Warm Up
Sound of Music Dance:My Favourite Things
Sound of Music Dance:Do-Re-Mi
Sound Of Music: My Favourite ThingsSing & Sign Along
Sound of Music: Do-Re-MiSing & Sign Along

It's Showtime!

All the audio tracks will be here too so you can join Laura and Andrew to practise your singing and signing with the backing tracks.

Remember to share how you are getting on by sending your photos or videos to Laura. We love seeing you in action and sharing your work on the LIVE show. Can’t wait to see you all again at 4pm this coming Friday!

What if I missed the previous LIVE shows?

Don’t worry at all. You can still see all the videos and access all the backing tracks by clicking the Show banners right here!

Have fun and keep creating, wherever you are!

Now is the time for us all to Create Together, Wherever we are!

Throughout the week we would love you to share short videos of you singing and signing, dancing and practising yoga at home so that we can put together a video montage each week – think of it as a digital talent show!

As the weeks go on, you may see some other familiar faces adding extra technical theatre and drama activities for you to do at home.

We look forward to seeing and hearing you all in action – practise your performances and share them with us by email or on social media.

Enjoy, and we can’t wait to rehearse and perform these as a full cast in the Theatre on Friday for one of the most magical shows of all time.

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