LIVE every Thursday from 2pm!

For those of you who are itching to make music, we are introducing Go Create.

No instruments at home? Don’t worry! Grab some pots and pans, empty dustbins, buckets and a couple of wooden spoons!

Each Thursday we will set instrumental activities RIGHT HERE for you to be working on at home. This may range from drumming karate, drumming along to familiar songs, or creating your own music to a pre-recorded accompaniment.

Remember to share how you are getting on by uploading your photos and videos below  – we want to hear and see what you are creating!

This week’s Go Create session is focused around:

Want to see what a Go Create LIVE session looks like?
Take a look at this little video from our Oliver! session:

Willy WonkaOompa Loompa Rhythms
Willy WonkaI Want It NowWaltz Rhythm
Willy WonkaCocoa Bean RumbaWords
Willy WonkaCocoa Bean RumbaImprovisation
Willy WonkaThe Everlasting Gobstopper Machine!

Can you Go Create an everlasting gobstopper? Take up the challenge! Think of all the parts of the machine you’d need and try to create a different musical rhythm or texture for each one.

Now Go Create!

Remember to share how you are getting on by uploading your photos or videos below.

Check out this youngster in Suffolk starting to Go Create!

Now is the time for us all to Create Together, Wherever we are!

We look forward to seeing and hearing you all in action – practise your performances and share them with us using the form above.

Take care and stay safe – we can’t wait to see you all soon!

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