For those of you who are itching to make music, get involved with Go Create.

Want to see what a Go Create LIVE session looks like?
Take a look at the following video from our Oliver! session:

This week’s Go Create session is focused around:

Sound of Music: Do-Re-MiSing-a-long learning the musical notes
Sound Of MusicDo-a-deerCheck out all the Makaton signs for the notes of a scale
Sound of MusicThe Solfa ladderSee the notes move up in steps like climbing a ladder
Sound of MusicThe Musical stave is also like a ladder

Now is the time for us all to Create Together, Wherever we are!

We look forward to seeing and hearing you all in action – practise your performances and share them with us by email or on social media.

Take care and stay safe – we can’t wait to see you all soon!

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