What is Create Together, Wherever?

Create Together, Wherever! has been an incredible way for us to connect with our Pro Corda family and our partners at KDYoga, supporting each other through the challenges that Coronavirus has brought. We have been able to stay at home and keep safe yet enjoy incredible community sharing online videos, workshops, creative tasks and so much more over the last few months.

Here at Pro Corda two of our favourite things are Musical Theatre and Creating new things. And we have been lucky enough to work with some remarkable young people doing exactly that! The extraordinary extra miles of energy, humour, and star dust that you have all shown has stunned us every week.

What did the Create Together, Wherever! programme involve?

From March 2020, and throughout the UK lockdown, Andrew, Laura, Kelly, Elly & Dan met throughout the week with the Create Together superstars and put together some incredible workshops from Drama to Dance, Yoga to Musical Improvisation. Each week we selected a famous musical and themed the workshops around the musical. It was AMAZING!


Elly led us in exploring the characters and plots of the show


Andrew, Laura & Dan led musical instrument and rhythm workshops enabling the participants to create new music inspired by the show


Kelly led some stunning workshops exploring creative yoga practise inspired by the shows


The whole Pro Corda and KD Yoga teams got together online for SHOWTIME!

All the sessions ran online through Zoom with many participants recording their practising and performances to send through to watch altogether online. Everyone was able to join in with as many of the activities as they wanted to – creativity has NO LIMITS!

The amazing Musical Theatre and Go Create programmes have been kept online so you can still access tons of fantastic content from some truly wonderful musicals. Just click through below to the Musical Theatre and Go Create programmes and relive our amazing workshops and productions by joining in with all the online content.

Thank you to all our amazing Create Together, Wherever Superstars!

We have all LOVED this journey through so many musicals together during 2020. Thank you to everyone who took part and helped to make these amazing online shows such a huge success. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Take care and stay safe – we can’t wait to see you all soon!

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