Create Together - The Vision

What is Create Together?

“Create Together” is the UK’s largest residential holistic music education programme designed for children and young adults with additional needs and disabilities. The ethos of the programme, which draws directly on Pro Corda’s internationally renowned chamber music training,  is to immerse participants in the magical world of Musical Theatre to develop leadership and responsibility through communication and creativity to build confidence and self-esteem.

“Pro Corda lifted our students above the ordinary to taste and achieve the extraordinary.”
(Philpots Manor Steiner School)

What does Create Together look like?

Leadership andResponsibility

This is the key that unlocks the door from the string quartet to the SEND workshop.

Like learning how to negotiate your part within a chamber music piece individuals with additional needs learn how to negotiate with others and take creative responsibility as an individual and in a small ensemble group.

Communication andCreativity

Chamber music performance relies on quick witted thinking on your feet.

IMPROVISATION is a key aspect to the SEND programme as it is a safe and intuitive way to develop communication skills. The programme encourages individuals to be spontaneous and to explore creative ideas in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Confidence andSelf-Esteem

Performance is an essential element of all Pro Corda’s programmes. The development from house concerts, talent show to Final Show prepares students to “Take the Stage”.

This provides confidence, self worth, love of life, and sense of real ambition to those who constantly lack confidence and think this world’s opportunities are not for them.

What happens during Create Together?

Create Together courses immerse participants in a creative atmosphere combining Vocal, Instrumental, Improvisation, Composition, Dalcroze, Drama and Visual arts to create a holistic musical experience.

Music Theatre provides an extraordinary world of creative opportunity, allowing individuals to escape into characters and storylines they can believe in and can ignite their imaginations.

Create Together inspires participants to discover new ideas, develop a new sense of communication, and above all feel great pride in their creative achievements.

“I like the music that we produce here, because actually Pro Corda is quite a special place to me in my heart”
(Create Together student)

What does Create Together achieve for our young people?

Create Together focuses on social cohesion to directly address the feeling of isolation experienced by many individuals with additional needs and disabilities.

Negotiation and creative planning are at the heart of the programme. Student-led daily production meetings and briefings help to develop meaningful peer relationship by ensuring that each individual’s voice is heard on an equal level at each stage of the creative process.

“You can just be yourself in front of people and they will be clapping and applauding who you are and who you love to be. It’s a really nice thing for people to accept me for who I am.”
(Create Together student)

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