WELCOME to Create Together, Wherever!

This week’s Sunday show was The Lion King.

Here you can still access videos of Laura signing the songs so that you can practise singing and signing at home. Kelly leads us in a yoga warm up and teaches us some dance moves too. Further down the page you can hear all the audio tracks too so you can join Laura and Andrew to practise your singing and signing with the backing tracks.

Why don’t you watch the movie too to really get in the spirit!

We hope you have LOADS of fun with…

Create Together, Wherever!:Lion King Yoga Warm-up
Lion King Dance:Circle of Life
Lion King Dance:Hakuna Matata
Lion King Dance:Circle of Life REMIX!
Can You Feel The Love Tonight:Sing & Sign Along
I Just Can't Wait To Be King:Sing & Sign Along
They Live In You:Sing & Sign Along
Shadowland:Sing & Sign Along

It's Showtime!

We would love to see how you are getting on with your own show by uploading your photos or videos below. We can’t wait to see them!

Now is the time for us all to Create Together, Wherever we are!

We look forward to seeing and hearing you all in action – practise your performances and share them with us using the form above.

Take care and stay safe – we can’t wait to see you all soon!

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