Join radio presenter and violinist Noel Vine and Pro Corda CEO Andrew Quartermain for live chat, guests, competitors in this fantastic regular podcast. Shows include live performances in Pro Corda’s 14th Century Guesten Hall of Noel’s and Andrew’s Classical Chill album (all new music) plus guest artists.

You can also listen to our other podcasts – Piano Sanctuary On Air and Piano Sanctuary Spa by clicking the links below:

Piano Sanctuary On Air is a fortnightly piano music, lifestyle, and chat podcast with pianist Andrew Quartermain broadcasting from the Live at the Abbey studio. Piano Sanctuary Spa is a fortnightly musical wind-down with specially written piano music to help ease the stresses and strains of current times.

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Noel and Andrew have also collaborated to write and produce Classical Chill Vol.1 – an mp3 album of nine tracks for you to enjoy.
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