What is Pro Corda@home?

Pro Corda@home, directed by Annabel Thwaite, is the perfect tool to inspire your own personal practice, both on solo and chamber music repertoire. It is also the ideal place for you to complement all your studies by exploring the benefits of Yoga, Mindfulness, Warm ups, Practice techniques, Creative improvisation and much more.

Every week there will be new content to explore and a chance to really develop yourself both as a player and Chamber musician. Click through to each of the three content areas below, each week, to discover brand new videos, lessons, meditations, new ideas and materials!

  • Yoga for musicians
  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditations
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Practice techniques
  • Listen to core chamber works
  • Compare
  • Study
  • Backing tracks and top tips so you can enjoy and develop improvisation and creative skills – vital for chamber music – at home!

Creativity brings Happiness

A very warm welcome to Pro Corda@home. At this present moment we may not be able to meet and play together in person but let us use this time to explore a kaleidoscope of ideas that will inspire your practice, develop your musical creativity and maintain positive mental and physical well-being.

The Pro Corda team wanted to bring you little nuggets for you to try in the safety of your own home. This is suited for all ages and instrumentalists. So go on…..click below!

  • This week we begin a journey into meditation
  • This week we are looking at works for more than three or four players and the technical challenges that each player may face.
  • Short Answer Ping Pong
  • Time to Tango
  • Plainchant
  • Exploring 5ths
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