We are in the midst of a series introducing you to some of our amazing team. These are the wonderful people who make Pro Corda the magical institution that it is.

Below you can read their mini-interviews, ask them a question, or tell them how they made your experience of Pro Corda such a special one!

Next up it’s someone who started helping on the SEND course 12 years ago and is now our brilliant Primary Course Director.

Meet Sarah

Who are you?

“I am Sarah Carvalho-Dubost, musician, wife and mum of two daughters.”

What do you do?

“I play a lot of chamber music, mostly with Ensemble Reza and Trio Salona. I also teach the cello and chamber music.”

How long have you been involved with Pro Corda?

“I was working at Pro Corda about 12 years ago on the SEND courses. I am so happy to be back for the last four years teaching on the cello course, and this year directing the Primary Chamber music course.😀”

Tell us one thing you love about Pro Corda?

“Only one thing? I love seeing the children enjoying their time making music together and socialising in such a stunning setting that Leiston Abbey is.”

What’s your favourite memory about your time with Pro Corda?

“We just finished the Primary Course and I think it will be my favourite memory from now because the children got on so well! And they completely embraced all the music and the teaching we gave them with such enthusiasm!”

What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

“Difficult to single one out because it is always a special treat to listen to live music and I am quite sensitive to beautiful music. But I do have a soft spot for some incredible World music concerts like Pink Martini or Buena Vista Social Club!”

We hope you have enjoyed learning something about our incredible team.

If you would like to ask them a question, or tell them how they made your experience of Pro Corda such a special one then please leave your comment below. We will try and get back to you as soon as we can.

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