"Live at the Abbey" Concert Broadcasts launch!

As part of Pro Corda’s and Leiston Abbey “Pro Corda Forever!” plan to keep the magic of Pro Corda and Leiston Abbey alive during difficult and different times, we are launching a new twice weekly podcast called “Live at the Abbey” broadcast from the 14th Century Guesten Hall.

Pro Corda’s CEO Andrew Quartermain will be joined by violinist and radio presenter Noel Vine for “real time” live concerts (featuring many guest artists and Pro Corda’s core team such as Concert Pianist Annabel Thwaite.) There will also be chat, requests, specially written new music (and even prizes!)

“Live at the Abbey” will go out at 7pm every Wednesday and Saturday.

To find out more, how to listen live, and to find all the earlier recordings you missed, head to https://procorda.com/pro-corda/leiston-abbey/live-at-the-abbey/

And for those of you close to the Abbey, you can even enjoy our famous delicious Abbey cuisine (which accompanies all our concerts in the Guesten Hall during normal times.)

The “Taste of the Abbey” take-out service will be available on Wednesdays and Saturdays via “drive through” collection at the main office. Menus will be posted on the “Live at the Abbey” page and orders can be texted up to 4pm on the day you wish to order for.

For more details and how to order go to https://procorda.com/pro-corda/leiston-abbey/live-at-the-abbey/

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