A statement about the current times from the CEO

I wanted to write a brief note to our whole Pro Corda community. We are indeed at a difficult point for the country and the world.

Pro Corda’s founding ethos goes to the heart and excitement of the very principles and way of human living that we are now all having to temporarily put on pause – coming together.

But as our beautiful home at Leiston Abbey stands a little quieter than normal, this is I believe the moment we must say we need Pro Corda Forever!

Andrew QuartermainCEO & Artistic Director

Leiston Abbey has seen off many challenges over the centuries. Once upon a time a certain King Henry, who didn’t much like Abbeys, really did come close to destroying it forever….

But its ruins stood proud, later becoming home to retreat and worship groups, and for the last 40 years (of Pro Corda’s 50 years) becoming the home to an extraordinary music school that now serves  – through the universal powers and magic of chamber music education – so many hundreds from all sections of society, including those most deprived and vulnerable.

Leiston Abbey has a history of resilience, fighting back, and getting back on its feet to march further through history and to be the place that inspires so many new people each year; and now again both Leiston Abbey and the music school it provides such a unique home to will do exactly the same.

We will ensure Pro Corda Forever!

So when we all get through this period, which we will, Pro Corda’s work will be needed more than ever in the wider society we inherit.

Meanwhile it is vital we act now to ensure Pro Corda Forever.

Behind the scenes, there is a mitigation plan to ensure this, and please be assured I am throwing everything at this. We will get through this.

But this won’t be goodbye for the coming months either. Leiston Abbey and Pro Corda will draw people together as never before right here, right now.

Like everyone, we have spent the last five days rewriting everything – coming up with a new version of Pro Corda for the coming months (not least to ensure the “Pro Corda Forever!” plan)

As of this coming week we will be launching:

  • Twice weekly “Live at the Abbey” podcasts going out at 7pm every Wednesday and Saturday on soundcloud.com/liveattheabbey
  • A new film service, via our Youtube channel, to serve our Outreach students
  • Both these will also, within a few weeks, have films and audio for our Core Chamber Music participants, and also a special series for our Adult Course participants.

We will not be separated for long, but the above will form a great way for the Pro Corda family to stay together while we are.

Meanwhile, and until we are all back together soon, I wish you and your families good health and please stay in contact.

Best wishes,