Pro Corda Festival

2020 National Finalists announced:

Congratulations to the following school groups who have made it to the National Finals of the Pro Corda Festival

  • U19 Sherborne Girls Cantilena Trio
  • U14 City of London Free School Vivace Quartet
  • U16 Sevenoaks Stravinsky Trio
  • U16 Charterhouse School Violin Ensemble
  • U19 Queen Elizabeth School Saxophone Ensemble
  • U12 Ipswich School Lower School String Quartet
  • U12 The Perse School Year 7 Violin Quartet
  • U19 The Perse School Sixth Form Quartet
  • U16 Highgate School Schubert Piano Trio
  • U19 Highgate School Mendelssohn Piano Trio
  • U19 Nottingham High School Saxophone Quartet
  • U19 Junior Royal Academy of Music Dvorak piano Quintet
  • U12 Brighton College Flute Trio
  • U14 Brighton College Shostakovich Trio
  • U16 Brighton College Cello Quartet
  • U16 Kings College School Cheng Trio
  • U16 Wimbledon High School Flute Quartet
  • U12 Beckenham Chamber Music Group Il Trio Vivace
  • U19 Westminster School Schubert Piano Trio
  • U19 Westminster School Schubert String Quartet
  • U14 St Helen and St Katharine School Salvi Harp Trio
  • U16 Downe House Trio Sempre Giocando
Some of the amazing performers at this year's festival

Please be aware we have moved the National Finals venue from Brighton to Sevenoaks School. There will be further information to publish, together with the Finals schedule (which will be sent to all schools with groups in the Finals).

We will also need to ask all attending Finals day to sign that they have not recently travelled back from listed countries of current concern. As with all schools and education providers, we are working within an intense and evolving situation and we want to assure all finalists that we are working hard to make the Finals day a wonderful day of celebration that runs as far as is possible to its usual format.

Congratulations to all who have reached the Finals, and also congratulations and thanks to all participating groups in the 2020 Festival for making it the vibrant and wonderful 6 weeks that it has been!

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