Pro Corda students on Radio 2

Pro Corda Outreach students Holly and Shantelle had a day and evening in London today that they will never forget. A day that also brought the magic of Pro Corda yet again to national public attention.

Holly and Shantelle are representing Pro Corda in both national TV and radio features in the run up to BBC Children in Need Appeals night this Friday 15th November.

Pro Corda have received regular grants from BBC Children in Need over the last 12 years as our programmes serving children with additional needs and disabilities has grown and grown. Pudsey bear is no stranger to Pro Corda, nor us to him – but Tuesday in London took the relationship yet further!

First it was Holly’s turn. She appeared live on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, and as part of a Children in Need 24 hour Karaoke-a-thon on the station with presenter Rylan Clark-Neal.

As well as her interview with Jeremy (in which she taught him the difference between a cornet and a trumpet – see the video below!) she also performed live part of a blues piece for cornet – an instrument she has just taken her Grade 7 exam in. You can hear her interview and her performance by listening below.

Holly has been attending our Pro Corda Create Together weekends for the last 2 years and her confidence has blossomed beyond recognition of the girl who first came to us 2 years ago.

Now 16, she is attending College, plays in a local band, and has big plans for her musical future – she also lives and breathes music theatre. As does 11 year old Shantelle, who was one of the incredible soloists in the “Greatest Showman” performance at Pro Corda’s 50th Anniversary Gala Showcase at London’s Southbank in September.

Shantelle joined Holly later on Tuesday for a very special TV feature which we will have to keep you guessing about……It is top secret as it forms part of Friday’s Appeals show, but keep looking at Pro Corda’s web news and social media feeds for the moment where we are able to reveal more about the TV piece, and some very special people Shantelle and Holly met in the process of filming it!

Meanwhile, both Holly and Shantelle will be joined by other Pro Corda outreach students on live radio this Friday. Tune in to BBC Radio Suffolk from 1pm to hear them in action together with Laura Feeney and Andrew Quartermain.

Truly, an incredible week of publicity for Pro Corda and the people who make Pro Corda the incredible music school it is – its students.

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